Chocolate, Cold-Brew & Tea (Yes Tea!)

Organic Cascara Tea

$12.00 CAD

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Villalobos

Notes: Medium full body, Medium low acidity + good flavour, with red fruit, berries, hazelnut, milk chocolate

Origin: Liano Bonito de Naranjo, Costa Rica

Farm: Santa Lucia and Anonos

Cascara "Tea" is made from the fruit of the coffee tree. In the images to the left, you will see ripening coffee cherries on the branch of the coffee bush. After picking and sorting, the ripe cherries are pulped and the two green coffee beans are extracted and dried. The organic cherry fruit (the Cascara) is washed, dried and pasteurized. The coffee cherry is very high in antioxidants and flavour. It can be steeped to make tea or used as a dried fruit in baking. 

To make a steeped tea use approximately 14 grams, (1/2 ounces) of Cascara for each large, 350 ml. (12 ounce) cup. Steep in boiled water for approximately 4 minutes, strain and enjoy hot or over ice.

This tea has very low caffeine content.


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