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Ethiopia Guji Swiss Water Decaf: FULL CITY ROAST

$16.50 CAD

Ethiopia Guji SWP Decaf

Score: 87.3

Varietal: Heirloom Coffees

Roast: Full City 

Notes: Berry top notes with a chocolate body

Origin: Single Origin

At Full City you taste a slightly bittersweet and chocolaty brew, although you can still notice subtle dark fruit undertones as it cools. Full City espresso shots are a real treat, layers of dark chocolate and mixed berry spread out over your tongue. We doubt you will be able to guess this coffee is a decaf when extracted as an espresso!

This custom Swiss Water decaf is made up from three different coffee washing stations in Ethiopia's southern Guji Zone. The majority of the blend contains two wet process coffees that were notably floral and deeply sweet.

Swiss Water in Vancouver, BC processed this coffee. Their chemical-free method uses only water to remove 99.9% of the caffeine. In comparison to many other caffeine extraction methods, the Swiss Water method is relatively gentle, leaving much of the volatile compounds affecting flavours and aroma intact. 


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