About Us

We are a hand-roaster of small-batches of carefully selected coffee beans.

 As a small-scale coffee roaster, our focus is on quality and attention to detail. We work directly with our customers to select the coffee beans and roasting profile to create your unique flavour template.

 We live and work off the electrical grid, generating electricity and heat directly from renewable resources. 100% of our water use is recycled back to nature, and our garbage waste stream motto is simple; “If we can’t recycle it or reuse it, we don’t use it”.

 We have translated our way of life into the same philosophy at Fluid. Sustainability of our energy sources; small-batch processing and eliminating waste streams as well as using compostable coffee bags are part of our commitment to the environment and to ensure we are your trusted supplier.

The Fluid Gang from right, Bill, Lorraine, Jamie, Kelsey and Nancy



It starts with the beans. We purchase coffees directly from farms or small-scale suppliers such as Coffee Shrub, to ensure the highest quality. Our coffees are "cupped" or graded by third-party labs to ensure a minimum rating of 85 points, even our blends achieve 88 points, and single-origins 92.5; an unheard of level in the commercial roasting industry.

Our single-origin coffees often come from farms that produce only a few bags of coffee each year. In many cases we purchase directly from the farm, and pay our producers a minimum of 50% higher than Fair Trade prices. This ensures we get the best hand-picked beans of the crop. 

Of course we support Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified suppliers. Many of single-origin coffees come from farms that are too small or remote to pay for these certifications. In these cases, we use direct-to-farm, purchasing via our Farm Gate program. We ensure that our small farm partners use organic growing practices and respect the rain forest environment. 

Then comes our roaster. Most commercial roasting in done using a Probat unit which is automated, fast, hot and large; all of the things required for large-scale coffee production.

At Fluid, we use a Sivetz fluid bed (hot air) roaster, that accepts a maximum load of 8 pounds of coffee. When you order a 5 pound wholesale bag of our single origin coffee, that is exactly what we roast. Each roast has our customer name and requirements. Each roast is unique; each roast is yours. This ensures perfect roasting quality.

Fluid bed roasting operates at a lower temperature and takes longer to complete a batch than other roasting methods, and with the injection of large amounts of oxygenated-air into the roasting beans, coffee oils are never bitter. Each roast is 100% manually-controlled. Tasting is believing!

Just in case you are worried that we can't keep up with our customer demand, note that although this roaster is small, it can still roast over 1,200 pounds of coffee each week.

Lorraine at the controls of our Sivetz Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster


Lorraine inspecting coffee plants at the farm and beneficios on the Panama/Costa Rica border area.


Night approaching


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