Espresso is a lovely word, conveying "expressly for you", "expressed from the machine" and "quickly enjoyed". On a practical note, very hot water is forced through finely-ground coffee creating a small "shot" of rich, thick liquid topped with a  viscous crema. Espresso should look as beautiful as it tastes!

Espresso is not a type of coffee bean or roast; it is a method of making coffee.

Although any coffee can be run through your espresso machine, true espressos are blended to balance "sweetness", "acidity" and "bitterness" to create the desired taste profile. 

Our seven espresso coffees cover the range of roast levels from our light "Sweet & Sassy" to full-body "Arte Scura" Vienna roast. You will also notice a trip around the world featuring coffee from South America, Africa, Asia and India to create our extensive pallet of exotic flavours.

For those who love espresso but want to avoid caffeine, be sure to try our Swiss Water Dark & Decaf blend. You will miss the buzz, but not the flavour!